Trangie CTSE Results

GRASS dominates Trangie CTSE 2015 Drop Analysis


Polled GRASS Sire "P47" has blown away some stellar competition in the latest central test sire evaluation site at Trangie.  Top measurement studs from around Australia choose to enter this evaluation each year to see how their top sires perform against each other.

As the 9th trial conducted at the site, 647 ewes of the same bloodline from a DPI research flock were equally allocated to each of the 15 sires and joined by artificial insemination. The resultant progeny were run together and measured over the course of their early life to determine the accuracy of their sires ASBV's and compare the different sires to each other in a controlled environment.

With the release of the yearling analysis the progeny of our GRASS ram are strides ahead in both combined visual and combined measured traits compared to the other rams entered into the trial.  

In both graphs to the right, the GRASS ram is number 3, and can be clearly seen to score highly in both measured and visual traits, as well as having high breeding values for yearling body weight and clean fleece weight, the key economic drivers in running sheep. 

GRASS was also invited to enter a historical sire as a gauge on industry improvement and he surprisingly performed roughly on average with the other sires, despite being a 1991 drop! 

P47 will have progeny this year at the GRASS annual sale.

For the full results of the 2015 drop analysis click here

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